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Welcome to the Worldwide Family of Israelites!

Where FAITH celebrates, tolerates, and ends all hate!           


What if the Supreme "ONE" really exists?

What if finding the ONE is our Destination?

What if the ONE inspired the Prophets, or a Messiah, or the "Christ", or Mohammad?

What if these Prophets lived an example; lighted their "paths" for us to imitate?

What if the Messiah's "Way", was His example, or "an" example, not "the" example?

What if our billions of lives; our billions of choices, create billions of paths to our ONE Destination?

Whether faithful believer, or non-believer; whether labelled as "Jew", "Muslim", "Christian", "Mystic", or "Atheist", our life-path will lead us somewhere. There is a Destination for everyone, even the Atheist cannot deny his own end.

Whether you have labelled the ONE as "God", or "Allah", or "Buddha", or "Universal Intelligence", or YAHWEH,  your Destination remains ONE.  We are inspired to help you, and to collaborate with you, because our collective Destiny is simply to help each other find our own unique Way. In this we joyously celebrate the multiplicity of your faith in the ONE.

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